This year’s categories are grouped into four themes:



Entries will be reviewed against the following criteria 

Spirit - The context within which the submission is set, defining the opportunity, need or requirement to innovate, advance, adapt and change. 

Approach - The way in which a change or improvement was delivered which makes this an example of excellence, best practice and demonstrates how the team, individual or collaboration went above and beyond to deliver on their objectives.  

Outcome - The benefits realised from the point of view of various stakeholders (the business, customers, regulators, for example). These could include financial rewards, but less tangible aspects should also be considered (satisfaction, improvement, UX, efficiencies, empowerment or enhanced risk management for example). 

Validation - How the initiative/activity, individual/team has been recognised, embedded or replicated as a benchmark of best practice. This may be internally within an organisation, or more widely.