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Increasingly compliance teams are thinking ahead and integrating ESG compliance requirements into their frameworks and programmes. In this new and emerging field, this category will recognise initiatives that aim to overcome ESG-related challenges or meet ESG-related objectives.

The judging panel will consider how innovative approaches and technologies were used, the extent of international and local market collaboration involved, and how the initiative served to address common industry challenges related to ESG-related requirements or expectations. Judges will review projects that relate to all elements of Environmental, Social and Governance, -  or one focused area as applicable. 


  • This category is open to all stakeholders working in the field of compliance. 
  • Entries must demonstrate evidence from the last 12-18 months, up to the awards entry deadline.  
  • We welcome entries from teams and individuals working with or for businesses within Europe. 


  • Please describe the ambition and goals of the initiative. Which element of ESG did you choose to focus on and why? 
  • What problem or challenge were you trying to solve, or overcome? 
  • Please share any other contextual information that will help judges understand the background to the submission. 


  • Please provide relevant detail to support your entry including: 
  • In an emerging area for compliance, what were your benchmarks for success and how did you plan to measure performance against these? 
  • What approaches have you taken to build knowledge and expertise in this area? 
  • Please detail who you had to collaborate with internally and externally to ensure success and how this collaboration was orchestrated.  
  • Describe any key challenges faced in the project and how these were overcome. 


  • Please share any qualitative or quantitative measures that demonstrate the success of the project. 
  • What makes this a stand-out project and how did the project surpass expectations? In what ways was this innovative, break away from the typical way of doing things? 
  • Does your approach provide a best practice example that can be shared across the sector? 
  • What will be the longer-term impact of the project, are there further steps to build on the initial success? 
  • How did the initiative deliver value for the business, or optimise outcomes within resource and budget constraints? 


  • Please share up to three testimonials from customers or internal stakeholders that would further validate the success of this project. Please keep testimonials to max 100 words. 
  • Please detail any wider outcomes where the project, or principles of the project, have been adopted elsewhere in the business, or in the wider industry. 

ESG Initiative of the Year

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