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2025 Awards

This award will recognise compliance training initiatives that embrace innovation and explore new approaches to education, informing and developing individuals, teams and the business. Entries should demonstrate an improvement in learning outcomes and the positive impact for compliance.

Judges will be looking for examples that challenge the status quo and look to drive improvement. Examples may include extending reach and impact of training programmes, changing the delivery method and employing new formats, engaging with wider industry partners to create wider programmes that set the industry standard, supporting new entrants into the compliance team, or supporting further skills development. Entries will demonstrate a passion for education and continuous development, regardless of the scale of the initiative. We welcome both small and large projects.


  • This award is open to internal compliance and financial crime prevention teams only.
  • Entries must demonstrate evidence from the last 12-18 months, up to the awards entry deadline.
  • We welcome entries from teams and individuals working with or for businesses within Europe.


  • Please describe the ambition and goals of the initiative – eg wider engagement, distribution of new content, development of the compliance team, efficiency for the business, delivering impactful learning etc.
  • What problem or challenge did the initiative try to address?
  • Judges would be interested in any other specific drivers behind the initiative, both internal and external, to provide further context for the submission.


  • Please describe how the training initiative was designed with the user in mind.
  • In what ways was technology utilised or considered as part of the initiative?
  • Who was involved in the success of the initiative, how was that collaboration fostered and optimised?
  • Were there any challenges that needed to be overcome? How was this addressed?
  • Why was this project innovative? Why does this initiative set a new standard for training in the compliance community?
  • How did the initiative surpass BAU and typical expectations of training, by format, content and/or delivery mechanism?


  • Please describe the outcomes and impact of the initiative. What were the measures of success?
  • To what extent did the initiative meet or exceed the initial ambition and goals?
  • How has the initiative helped to enhance knowledge of compliance within the business / development of the team / career opportunities / team retention?
  • What will be the longer-term impact of the project, are there further steps to build on the initial success? How will the success be sustained?
  • How did the initiative deliver value for the business, or optimise outcomes within resource and budget constraints?


  • Please share any testimonials from internal stakeholders that would further validate the entry. Please keep each testimonial to a max of 100 words.
  • Please detail any wider outcomes for the business, new standards that have been adopted, as well as any wider industry impact.

Training Initiative of the Year

2025 Awards