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Fintech and Payments Compliance Award (NEW)

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This award recognises outstanding projects, initiatives or long-term efforts to embed compliance within a fintech and/or payments organisation. The winner will be a team making a positive impact within and beyond the organisation, challenging conventional approaches, encouraging a culture of compliance and/or supporting innovative ways of working to strengthen compliance.

Judges will be looking for initiatives that have shown innovative spirit in building an internal compliance programme, simplifying compliance related processes and encouraging a dynamic approach to product innovation. Entries are welcome from both established payments firms who can demonstrate how they have improved processes in an outstanding manner, as well as from start-ups and third-party fintech and payments solutions providers who can evidence how they have embedded compliance into their business models. All entries will be able to show innovation and excellence in customer experience.


  • This award is open to all stakeholders working within the fintech and payments industry.
  • Entries must demonstrate evidence from the last 12-18 months, up to the awards entry deadline.
  • We welcome entries from teams operating within Europe.


  • Please detail the project or initiative being recognised in the submission.
  • Clarify whether the submission is based on a response to a single event, or major issue or multiple regulatory changes.
  • Detail any further information about the specific challenge/s faced in the last 12-18 months faced by the team – including any specific business information that provides useful context.


  • How did the team show creativity and agility in finding solutions to complex challenges and tackling the challenges faced through this case study?
  • In what ways was this an outstanding performance and example of innovation?
  • How did the team support the business needs over the last year, how has it been flexible to adapt and innovate to deliver excellence?
  • What changes to process or approach have the team introduced that will set future standards for the business?
  • Illustrate how the team strengthened good outcomes and/or improved the experience for customers.


  • Please describe the outcomes and impact of the initiative. What were the measures of success?
  • To what extent did the initiative meet or exceed the initial ambition and goals?
  • What will be the longer-term impact of the project, are there further steps to build on the initial success? How will the success be sustained?
  • How did the initiative deliver value for the business, or optimise outcomes within resource and budget constraints?


  • Please share up to three testimonials from customers or internal stakeholders that would further validate the success of this project. Please keep testimonials to max 100 words.
  • Please detail any wider outcomes where the project, or principles of the project, have been adopted elsewhere in the business, or in the wider industry.

Fintech and Payments Compliance Award (NEW)

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