Stop the traffik

STOP THE TRAFFIK (STT) has over 16 years of experience in tackling Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking (MSHT). We harness the power of people and technology to disrupt the illegal business of human trafficking and create communities that are resilient to exploitation. We seek to disrupt the business of human traffickers by operating across three pillars that human trafficking needs to survive: recruitment (of trafficked people), demand (for trafficked people) and money (made by human traffickers).

To help prevent the recruitment of people, we run geo targeted awareness programmes (in collaboration with Meta and TikTok) to ensure those passing through human trafficking hotspots are aware of the dangers and we point them to safe agencies on the ground. We consult with business about the demand for trafficked people and how the systems and operations could be at risk of being utilised by human traffickers. We follow the money (profit) made by human traffickers. We work with businesses, financial services institutions, law enforcement and our extensive global NGO network to gain intelligence and share our insights via our data warehouse and our Exploitation Analytics reporting feed.