Entries will be reviewed against the following criteria:

  • Spirit - The challenge and context within which the submission is set, alongside the goals and targets (whether quantitative or qualitative).
  • Collaboration - The way in which the initiative/activity was conceived and delivered, focussing on the human aspects of inclusion and the provision of a variety of perspectives in order to achieve the desired outcome.
  • Courage – The hurdles which were faced during the initiative and the way these were successfully overcome.
  • Outcome - The benefits realised from the point of view of various stakeholders (the firm, customers, regulators, for example). These could include financial rewards but less tangible aspects should also be considered (satisfaction, improvement, UX, efficiencies, empowerment or enhanced risk management for example).
  • Adoption - The dissemination of the success in terms of how the initiative/activity has been recognised, embedded or replicated as a benchmark of best practice. This may be internally within an organisation, or more widely.
For each criterion, the judges will give a score out of 10.

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