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Today’s business climate is characterised by change, whether resulting from disruptive technologies, new flexible working practices, constantly evolving financial crime risk, or seemingly unrelenting regulatory reform. Within this environment, the ability to innovate has never been more important, either through the implementation of new policies, processes or procedures, or through the introduction of new technological solutions.

This award recognises an individual or team who has championed innovation over the past 12-18 months and can demonstrate how innovation has addressed a real compliance challenge faced by their organisation and is making a measurable difference. The winner of this award will demonstrate vision, agility and the capacity for finding new ways of working that inspire and set new standards. 


  • This award is open to all internal compliance teams  
  • Projects and individuals can be submitted for entry
  • Entries must demonstrate evidence from the last 12-18 months, up to the awards entry deadline
  • We welcome entries from teams and individuals working for businesses within Europe.


  • Please describe whether this entry is to recognise a team, an individual or a specific project. 
  • Please set out the context for innovation in the last year, the challenges that needed to be overcome, the problem/s that were trying to be solved.  
  • What were the drivers for the team, individual or project to challenge BAU, reimagine ways of working and to think differently? 


  • Please provide relevant detail to support your entry including: 
  • What was inspiring about the approach of this team, individual or project? 
  • Describe the approach to collaboration and how it supported innovation. 
  • In what ways has BAU been challenged? How have standards or practice been evolved, adapted and/or improved? 
  • What were the factors behind successful change management and implementation of new ideas? 


  • What were the deliverables, outputs that demonstrate this team, individual or project as a trailblazer in the last year? 
  • Please share any qualitative or quantitative data that supports the impact made. 
  • In what ways has innovation helped to improve risk detection, prevention and management and supported the overall goals of the compliance function? 
  • What impact has innovation made on the business? 
  • What contribution to the compliance profession was made? 


  • Please share any testimonials from customers or internal stakeholders that would further validate the entry. Please keep each testimonial to a max of 100 words. 
  • Please detail any wider outcomes for the business, new standards that have been adopted, as well as any wider industry impact.

Trailblazer of the Year

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