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This category will recognise collaborative initiatives where two or more organisations are working together across a sector or multiple sectors to deliver a greater impact for compliance vs working individually. This award celebrates collaborations between business, regulators, public sector, industry bodies and/or other stakeholders that are trying to address a significant regulatory or compliance challenge, or seek to develop the compliance profession, or aim to raise standards and change practice.

Judges will be looking for evidence to demonstrate the potential for cross-industry collaboration and how in practice this is making a real difference, delivering against the desired vision and objectives. Entries will demonstrate innovative thinking, a break from traditional ways of doing things and show how the partners have a real desire for results. 


  • This award is open to all stakeholders working in compliance: Internal teams, external advisors, RegTech, Regulators, Public Sector etc 
  • This award can be entered by a stakeholder representative from the Partnership.  
  • Please list the other collaborators as part of your submission. 
  • Entries must demonstrate evidence from the last 12-18 months, up to the awards entry deadline. 
  • We welcome entries where the lead stakeholder is based in Europe.


  • Please describe the partnership, who is involved, why and how it was formed, it’s overall mission and purpose. 
  • What is it over the last year that the partnership has set out to achieve, what were the drivers for this? 
  • What specific problem or challenge in the industry is the partnership addressing? 
  • Please provide any additional contextual information that will help judges understand the focus for the last 12-18 months and the context within which the partnership was operating. 


  • Please provide relevant detail to support your entry including: 
  • How has the partnership worked collectively together to collate data and information to assess the problem and agree objectives? 
  • How has the group worked effectively together to make an impact? Were there any specific initiatives or approaches that enabled this? 
  • What hurdles have the stakeholders had to overcome to optimise the outcomes of the partnership? 


  • Judges would like to see examples of achievements, commitment and effectiveness of the Industry Partnership in the last 12-18 months. 
  • Please share any qualitative or quantitative evidence that will support the outcomes and impact made.  
  • In what ways has the Industry Partnership been able to achieve more than its solo counterparts? If there are any measures that can demonstrate the effectiveness of the partnership, please share.  
  • How have the outcomes of the last 12-18 months shaped the future of the Industry Partnership, what are the next priorities, how can the success be furthered? 


  • Please share any information on the wider impact of this project and how it has / or you believe it will impact the compliance profession.  
  • Are there transferable learnings that can be deployed to other sectors or geographies? 
  • Have you been approached by other parties interested in replicating your approach or adopting key principles from the collaborative working?

Industry Partnership Award

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