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This award recognises an individual or team within an organisation that has developed a strong internal business collaboration with teams such as Technology, Sales, Assurance, Policy, Product etc, breaking down silos and bridging the gap between compliance and the business. This category will celebrate those that have inspired and engaged colleagues and successfully changed behaviours and outcomes.

Judges will be particularly interested in entries that demonstrate how internal collaboration has been an enabler for the business, or where a change in approach to a business relationship has made a significant difference. Entries for this award will be a showcase for excellence in collaboration and co-operation; and highlight best practice approaches in the creation of open working relationships and knowledge exchange.  


  • This award is open to all internal compliance teams. 
  • Entries must demonstrate evidence from the last 12-18 months, up to the awards entry deadline. 
  • We welcome entries recognising teams and/or individuals working for businesses within Europe.


  • Please describe whether this was an individual or team approach and the stakeholders involved, including geographies and teams as appropriate. 
  • What were the factors behind taking a proactive approach to building a strong relationship between compliance and the business. 
  • What was the ambition and desirable outcomes from the outset? 


  • Please provide relevant detail to support your entry including: 
  • Please describe how a culture of trust and understanding has been established between compliance and the business. 
  • In what ways was engagement enhanced over the last 12-18 months? 
  • What communication style was adopted to enhance the understanding between compliance and the business? 
  • What challenges were faced along the way and how were these overcome? 
  • What other factors contributed to the success of the relationship? 
  • Please describe measures being taken to ensure the longer-term sustainability of the collaboration. 


  • Please describe the positive impact this has had for the business and the compliance team.  
  • What has been the result in terms of professional relationships, trust, career development for those involved? 
  • Judges would be interested in any qualitative or quantitative measures that support the outcomes of the internal collaboration. 
  • Judges will be interested in any longer-term benefits / wider impacts of this internal collaboration, how it will support continuous improvement. 


  • Please provide a testimonial/s from 1-3 internal stakeholders who can validate the success of this collaboration.
  • Please keep each testimonial to a max of 100 words. 
  • To what extent is the business looking to replicate this collaborative working in other areas?  

Business Partner of the Year

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