Best Compliance Team

Three awards available

Has your team embedded an outstanding new conduct framework; or rolled out an exceptional training programme across your organisation, yielding tangible improvements in compliance? Perhaps it has effectively supported the business through a period of transition or challenge, such as a regulatory investigation or remediation exercise? Maybe you have built a new compliance team from scratch or expanded an existing team to meet new and evolving regulatory demands?

The Best Compliance Team Award recognises the huge range of challenges facing compliance teams large and small, generalist and specialist, working across all sectors and jurisdictions, and celebrates their successes in overcoming these challenges. Winning teams will be those that can demonstrate how they have strengthened compliance within their organisation, elevated the compliance profession, or driven best-practice standards across the broader compliance community.

Why three awards?

Having three awards for the best compliance team allows us to celebrate the diversity of organisations working in our profession. Whatever team you work in there is a place for you in the Compliance Awards.

What our judges are looking for

Our judges will be looking for detailed evidence to support your application. This can be in the form of new practices, data, explanations around what wasn’t working and what you’ve changed, drivers for change, and the effectiveness of that change. Testimonials from clients, colleagues, and senior management would help support this submission. For guidance, we would be expecting anything from 500-1000 words. You should also be mindful of the judging criteria which can be found here


Best Compliance Team

To find out more

For information about the awards, nominations and how to attend, contact the ICA events team